LeapStart - A unique sports and fitness program

At Oxford Grammar, we aim to provide a supportive environment that enables our students to have a holistic learning experience and become leaders in the 21st century. We strive to emphasize excellence in sports and extra-curricular activities and to this end we have introduced LeapStart, India's premier PE ("Physical Education") program to provide our students with the best quality sport and fitness program.

About LeapStart

LeapStart is a holistic, age appropriate and progressive educational service offering whereby LeapStart provides end to end physical education services to school, which includes internationally researched curriculum, sports equipment, skilled & certified trainers, consistent in-school delivery and comprehensive CCEE complaint assessments. At FitKids we believe that our biggest responsibility lies in providing the coming generations with healthy and active lifestyle habits. Through LeapStart we aim to effectively engage and provide the ideal platform for children into the world of sports and lifelong fitness.

Advantage LeapStart

  • The exclusive LeapStart curriculum is the outcome of 20 years of research by the San Diego State University.
  • With an unprecedented library of over 4,000 sports activities, LeapStart has been the thought leader in curricular innovation with the addition of Archery, Nitroball, Broomball and Golf to its program.
  • LeapStart trainers are SPARK-certified following a rigorous two month training program under the direct supervision of US-based SPARK master trainers.
  • The LeapStart trainer-student ratio of 1:35 exceeds the RTE (Right to Education Act) comparable guidelines of 1:40 thereby ensuring better program outcomes.
  • Other operators pale in comparison with an average trainer-student ratio of 1:60.
  • Each student has an individualized set of equipment as part of the LeapStart program as opposed to group sharing of equipment in other physical education equivalents.
  • Every activity comes with a unique set of high-quality equipment, which ensures that there is no point during a LeapStart session where a child is inactive.


To capture the levels of learning through the LeapStart program assessments are conducted. The assessments are used to document and guide the learning process. The assessment systems are easy to understand, simple to use and effective for PE teachers and class teachers, as well as for the parent.