CBSE Board - OGS

Message from Principal

To be Principal at Oxford Grammar School (CBSE) is an extraordinary privilege. With such a transformative educational model it is no surprise that the school has attracted outstanding teaching staff with a wealth of experience in a number of the best schools around the world. With our staff having ensured extraordinary success in student achievements, students will have the confidence that the staff know how to guarantee every student performs to their full potential, and in many cases will undoubtedly surpass what they believe to be possible. With the Widespread creatively designed lush green campus, OGS is a microscopic world in its own way wherein students from all across the globe live together in peace and harmony, thus breaking all communal barriers.

While the core curriculum is diligently followed, we believe that it is vital to provide leadership opportunities, character education and exposure to the technologies in order to prepare students to compete with their global counterparts. And the words of Albert Einstein, “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the condition in which they can learn”, Oxford Grammar School, Himayatnagar too has ensued in imparting a world class education to its students in a state of art set up providing a plethora of opportunities best suited for their holistic development. We aim to nurture our students in such a way that they are well equipped to face the relentless, competitive society without losing their spirit of humanity and altruism.

As rightly said, “To teach is to touch a life forever, then it’s worthy being a teacher.” keeping this verity in mind, we vouch that with such wholesome learning we shall set a benchmark for all. Oxford Grammar School moved forward facing every challenge during this pandemic year, implementing unique teaching methodologies, moving with technology, taking TEAMS the platform and opening new avenues in online education. We did not restrict our online classes in only academics, we believe in holistic and multi disciplinary approach in grooming each and every student and helped the young minds to envision, explore and express their creativity in arts and dramatics during various celebrations. Very rarely does an opportunity present that will transform the way education is delivered and students learn. As an experienced senior leader in secondary school education it was a natural progression to move to a school that has excellence of academic achievement, a strong belief in extra-curricular activity and student leadership at the core of its values. We heartily welcome you all to this world of learning, amidst an aura of optimism, faith and fulfillment. We hope that your journey with us will help in yielding fruitful results and envisage our shared dreams and to dream a new.

Mrs. G.Ramanjula

M.A. B.Ed


Everything starts with a Dream, an idea, a concept in mind. Dream can be materialized through the medium of learning, acquiring wisdom, which dispels the darkness of ignorance and doubts. With changing times, education does not merely refer to Academic Excellence but also skill enhancement and value enrichment which lay guidelines to embark on life's journey. Physical and mental development of a child in a comprehensive and congenital environment widens his horizons, infers confidence, boosts morale and catapults an individual to his/ her dream destination.

CBSE Curriculum

Education at Oxford Grammar High School is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and cooperative parents. At Oxford Grammar High School the primary education defines the actual capabilities of the children. These years are distinctive in several ways like the rate of development which occurs in the physical, social, intellectual, emotional is particularly significant. The middle years are the most formative ones and we encourage our students to be more independent learners. We inculcate skills such as reading and critical thinking.

The High School level is more emotional and physical well being of students for all round development. We prepare students for effective participation in a rapidly involving and increasingly global society that is very competitive. Our main approach towards academics to provide a stress free, child centered and holistic education to all children without comprising on quality. The curriculum is designed to achieve quality bench marks in all levels of education. We bring in innovative methods to achieve academic excellence in confronting with psychological pedagogical and social principles. It focuses on the development of skills and knowledge in the core subject areas of Science, Math and English complemented by languages, humanities and arts.

At Oxford Grammar High School we believe in preparation for life is the purpose education students need to be equipped with Competencies such as innovative, critical thinking, lifelong learning which will enable the students to cope with a future which is increasingly volatile, uncertain and ambiguous and preparation for the life compass four priorities. Academic excellence, whole education, process for unlocking potential of each student and core Compliances like creativity, critical thinking, decision making, communication and collaboration. As we follow the CBSE (CENTRE BORAD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION) Curriculum that helps the student to enter ace (embrace) transition in acquiring the shills both inside and outside the class room. Our program emphasis on conceptual learning, communication and thinking skills as well as the development of leadership skills. Our learning engagements make concepts interesting as student are encouraged to build models themselves to gain in depth knowledge and understanding. We understand the need for holistic development in kids which is why we help them to develop leadership skills through our curriculum.

This helps them to balance their intelligence and emotional quotient. Our commitment to provide for overall development also further enhanced by extra-curricular activities which we go beyond academics with arts, crafts, drama, sports and focus on self-actualization of students, helping them value their talent to ultimately unlock their potential. It should be noted that 21st century skills concept encompasses a wide range and amorphous body of knowledge and skills that is not easy to define the following points provide a brief illustrative overview of the knowledge, skills, work habits and character trait.  Oral and written communication presenting listening.  Creativity, artistry, curiosity, imagination, innovation and personal expression. Gone are the days of rote learning, comes the competency based learning which refers to systems of instructions, assessments, grading and academic reporting that are based on critical thinking, creativity, logical thinking decision making and innovative skills to be developed among the students. The concepts, skills and knowledge are to be expected to be learnt by the students as they progress through their education.