The various facilities provided by the school have been widely appreciated by the parents and the other authorities who have been interacting with the management from time to time. All efforts are continuously made to update the facilities and improve upon for achieving better results. The details of the facilities are mentioned hereunder:

The school has a well stocked library containing books on various subjects. Children are encouraged in book reading, story telling to explore their oratorical capacity by conducting elocution competitions.

A well designed laboratory with adequate scientific and testing equipment's helps the children in conducting the scientific experiments as specified in the curriculum.

To keep up with the modern time students are provided with computer education from Kindergarten to High school, introducing Play way method in learning in lower classes and various operating systems and different computer languages at High School level. Students are also given facility to browse Educational Web Sites and create E-mail Id's.
The spacious play ground lays the foundation of healthy children grooming themselves into the champions of tomorrow. The school furniture is so made giving equal importance to aesthetics and comfort.

Education at its best
The aim of providing hostel facility at Oxford Grammar School is to facilitate the children coming from rural outstations and to give them the congenial atmosphere of an enlarged family at the hostel.

Parents are rest assured for the proper care towards their wards getting the best opportunity to develop their physical and mental faculties and adapt themselves to face the world outside, without any anxiety.

The ultimate goal is to impart "Total Education", comprising academic excellence,moulding of character,personality development and active participation in curricular activities, which alone prepares them as useful citizens of tomorrow.

The summer camp commences from 15th April to 5th June. Those who are interested may send an enquiry through E-MAIL or contact office between 9 am and 6 pm on all days.

EDURITE Digi Class Complete Class room solution
DigitALly™ is and award-winning multimedia-enabled teaching tool that empowers teachers to customise their teaching sessions, keeping the learners' pace in mind.

This preloaded repository has several thousands of animations, self explanatory diagrams, 3D interactive animations, worksheets, quizzes, e-books and several hours of experiments­ all designed to make the classroom session more engaging. DigitALly™ is constantly upgraded with new features and content.

DigitALly™ has syllabus-specific content for CBSE & SSC It covers Kindergarten to class 10 and encompasses the following subjects: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Environmental Science, Basic Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Tying up with Pearson Edurite has indeed inculcated a digi atmosphere in school with students of all classes. Occupy the digital class room and derive maximum benefits out of eduirite boards.
A Primary teacher imparting education through digital technology

Oxford Grammar School has tied up with Zee Learn has collaboration with Gakken Education Co. with an aim to bring the best of Japanese education in the field of science to schools in India. The Brain Café intends to improve conceptual understanding and develop scientific temper amongst students by providing hands on experiment tools.

This is an integrated eight level concept builder program for students of class I to VIII. The programs run in our schools so as supplement to the regular curriculum and would bring better understanding and appreciation of the world of Science.

We believe in a multi pronged methodology i.e. "Observe, Explore and Reflect". Experiments on specific themes are demonstrated to students by the trainer which they observe keenly. The students then explore on their own using students kits and reflect their learning and understanding through scientific report writing. This enables the hidden scientists to bloom to surface and hence enhance their confidence levels.

LeapStart – Physical Education Program

"Sound Mind in a Sound Body" Our school has tied up with LeapStart­ The most researched and field tested program in the world in physical education
LeapStart offers a complete sport and fitness program for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The LeapStart curriculum offers students opportunities to learn, practice and master a wide range of diverse skills and activities appropriate for children.

LeapStart is a unique program designed with activities that are inclusive, highly active, integrate academics and wellness concepts and are fun for all the students. The LeapStart curriculum has been created by child development and sports specialists and has been refined over the last 20 years. LeapStart is the only program in India that has published over 45 academic papers to back its assertions.

Going to school is stressful to the little ones today when we take a cursory look at the academic demands on them. Teachers are constrained by syllabi and the education system. Everyone feels there is a need for a holistic program to achieve academic excellence with age-appropriate physical activity & sports.

Preparing the soil is half the challenge in reaping the harvest and the farmer too feels contentment for having achieved it. LeapStart is implemented in our schools:

• To inspire children in body, mind and spirit.
• To nurture optimism through our classes and actions.
• To create value and make a difference everywhere we engage.