1. When does the admission process begin?
The process begins in the month of November every year.

2. Can I admit my child in the middle of the year?
Transfer and genuine cases are considered.

3. How compatible is the fee structure?
It is affordable by all.

4. What is the strength in each class?
Approximately 40 students per section.

5. Does the School provide transport facilities?
School vehicles pick up and drop the students from various points of twin cities.

6. Does the school take up any co-curricular activity?
Yes, in Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Dance, Games & Sports, Cricket and carpentry.

7. Does the school conduct occasional course ?
Yes, the school conducts orientation programmes and personality development sessions at regular intervals to students and teachers.

8. Is the school recognised by any international organization?
Yes, the school has membership in Indian Junior Red Cross Society and WWF for Nature India etc.,

9. What sports facilities does the school provide for school children?
The school has vast play ground and children are provided with facilities for games like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Cricket, Shuttle, Tennis, Indoor games etc.,

10. Does the school have medical facility ?
Yes, regular and periodic check-ups are conducted by a qualified doctor between Monday to Friday.

Education at its best

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Having started as primary school in 1981, today the 1800 young and energetic pupils in the pursuit of knowledge, stands as a silent testimony for the phenomenal popularity and growth of the institution.

[ OGS ]