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Filmit Programme on 4th Sep 2012

Date : 04/09/2012
The ‘Pracheena’ Oxford Grammar School Heritage club members escorted by Mrs Satyaprasanna and Mrs.Latha participated in Fimit workshop on 04.09.2012.

The workshop was organized by INTACH Delhi.Mrs.Poornima Dutta and Anuradha Reddy, Convener , INTACH , Hyderabad explained the techniques and themes of making children’s films. Students make short films based on our culture , tradition , customs, festivals , religious etc.. of our country that can be shared through internet with the school children in United Kingdom.

Children of UK view the films which enables them to understand our cultural and environment better.

25th International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults – IRAN

Dt : 12/11/2011


K.Aishwarya , VIII class
Oxford Grammar School , Hyderabad
U.R.Sirish Chandra , VI Class
The Hyderabad Public School , Begumpet , Hyd

We had a glorious time in Iran when we went there as young jurors, to attend the 25th International Festival of Films for children and young Adults, hosted by FARABI cinema foundation of Iran from 12th to 18th of November 2011.

It was very interesting to attend this children film festival as kids are not only the subject matter of films , but we as kids had an action role as judges in this film festival . We were joined by other child jurors and guests from Asia, the Arab region and even from America to watch the children's animation films which were screened from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm the museum of cinema in Teheran , Iran from 12th to 14th November 2011.

After three days of film watching Tehran we travelled to Isfahan one of the most beautiful cities of Iran. It is said that our city of Hyderabad is built about 400 years ago basing on the architecture of Isfahan.

As we landed in Isfahan we were greeted by children in the airport saying, SALAM and WELCOME to Isfahan in chorus , which made all of us feel very happy.

After watching children's films which were screened in the theaters of Isfahan for day and half , we were taken for sightseeing in Isfahan, which allowed us to explore the city's histories heritage and culture. We also experienced the wonderful hospitality of the Iranians for which they are known for. Mainly during this children's & young adults film festival , we have evaluated all the films ( day to day ) every day which were screened in the Iranian cities of Teheran and Isfahan and awarded prizes after grading the films in Direction , Music , Animation & colour , Story and overall as a films.

This enabled us to require a better understanding of films and appreciation. In addition to this , we had an opportunity to interact with children of our age from all over the world. At the closing ceremony, which was held in the evening of 18th November 2011n the last day of the 25th International Festival of Films for children and young adults, Golden Butterflies , the most prestigious prizes offered by the festival were awarded to the successful films as per our judgment . At last we all were given a box each of GAZ, the Iranian special chocolates as souvenir.
Child jury on dias 2
Aishwarya [OGS ] & Sirish Chandra [HPS], Syed Ahmad Mir-Alaee [Director of the 25th International Festival of films for children and young adults ]
Sirish Chandra [HPS] being interviewed by Iranian television 2
Sirish Chandra [HPS] being interviewed
by a television channel, Iran 4
Iran film hero(bearded) Aishwarya and Sirish Chandra
Aishwarya OGS at 25th Internation festival of Films 2011
Aishwarya [ OGS ] & Sirish Chandra[HPS]Amir Esfandyari [Selection committee member of the International cinema]
Aishwarya [OGS] and Sirish Chandra [HPS] , Kamyar Mohsenin [Secretary of the jury of the international cainema, IRAN]

Film Festival at Shilpa Ramam

18th Nov 2011
Students who have gone to Shilpa Ramam to watch the children's movies during International CHildren's Film Festival.
Students enjoying the boat ride at SHilpa Ramam during Internatinal CHildren's Film Festival

International Film Festival

Children Film Festival has organizing Children's Workshops and films. Our student Kumari K.Aishwarya has been selected and sent to Iran to participate. 17th International Film Festival Celebration as a Juror organised by FARABI Cinema foundation. She is accompanied by a student from the Hyderabad Public School Master U.R. Sirish Chandra and is guided by Mr.Raghu Ram Chandra as a Chaperone. Students from K.Aishwarya who is the member of young film club got the opportunity to participate as the school has given her International Exposure. We wish them all the best.


Date: 15.11.2010
As a part Children’s Day celebrations Oxford Grammar School Film Club is organizing a two days Children’s Film Festival, “CHITROSTAV-2010” on 15th and 16th November,2010 at its premises in St.No.12,Himayatnagar. The children from different schools have been invited to the above festival and to attend Open Forum followed by the screening of the respective film on both the days. The Chtrostav-2010 was inaugurated by Sri.C.Parthasarathi, I.A.S., Commissioner, Information and Public Relations. Sri. B.Ajit Naag, Film Director of “RIHLA” was the guest of honor, Sri.Anil Ekbote, a Film Critic and Smt.B.Saileela, the Head mistress of the school were present. The festival took off with screening of inaugural film “RIHLA” followed by the Open Forum, wherein the participants poured questions at the resource person Sri.Anil Ekbote on various aspects related to the viewed film connected to script and its making.

On the occasion, Sri. C.Parthasarathi expressed his happiness that Oxford Film club is celebrating the Children’s Film Festival, “CHITROSTAV-2010” for two days, to unveil the frolicsome film activity to fill the gap as the biannual International Children’s Film Festival will be held next year at Hyderabad. He said that exposure of Children to film making and its related work will facilitate them to choose it and to become a professional in future as mere education is not going to fetch a job. He appreciated the children of the school who participated as jurors at the International Children Film Festivals in Italy, Losangels and Iran.

Sri.B.Ajit Naag, Film Maker encouraged the children to observe to participate and to concentrate their 100% in the field which they are most interested. He also said that the student life is the best part of the life ,has to be experienced to the fullest extent.</p>
Sri.Anil Ekbote advised the children to watch more children&rsquo;s movies and read the stories and technicalities of the film and discuss with brothers, sisters and friends to enhance their knowledge.

Smt. Satya prassanna has read the activities of OGS Film Club. The students who acted in the Master minds and Devuda Nannu Kshamincu a documentary film and shared their experiences with all the children and they said it is a wonderful experience.

Ms.Alekhya, who recently has attended as juror at the International Children&rsquo;s Film Festival held at Hamedan,Iran has compered the programme meticulously.

Sri.C.Parthasarathi is addressing ,from L to R Smt.B.Saileela, Sri.Anil Ekbote and Sri.B.Ajit Naag are seen

Sri.C.Parthasarathi is inaugurating the Chitrostav

II. Students Visit to Prasad IMAX

14th Nov 2007
Students of 9th class Neha, Juhi Agarwal, Siddharth, Harshavardhan and Shyam Babu to the 15th International Film Festival-2007 held at Hyderabad from 14th Nov 2007 to 20th Nov 2007 presented in Prasad Theatre.

They enjoyed the movies about 35 which are sponsored from many countries like Iran, China, Finland, Norway and India etc. Children took part in discussion with some great directors like Mr. Fena Zhenzhi from china, Mr. Khaja from Finland, Mr. Ramesh Asher from India, Mr. Vinod Ganstra from India, etc. Children gave their interview to All India Radio every day. They enjoyed those programmes very happily.

iMax Visit

Film Club

The main aim of movie club is to impart education and entertainment through visual representation. It also facilitates children to participate in Open Forums, Dramatics, Animation, and Puppetry workshops conducted in connection with international children film festivals and other occasions regularly. Children are facilitated to attend film appreciation programs fortnightly organized by children film society, Andhra Pradesh. Classical Indian and foreign films will be screened during appreciation programs. The members of Film Club are given an opportunity to watch the screening of educative films and express their views. It's a very good chance given to children from various schools to come out with their opinions regarding the subject on which they want to watch the films.