SSC Board - OGS

Message from Principal

We, at Oxford Grammar School pool our concerted efforts to channelize and expose students to constructive activities to provide impetus to strive towards goals and objectives. Addressing the parents in particular I would like to specify that authoritative parenting gives rise to non communicative and less confident children. Parents and Teachers must refrain from comparisons among children as it does more harm than good. With the shift to Digital Learning, role of parents and teachers further enhanced. Step by step we embraced technology, training, orienting the entire alma mater giving rise to Connected Learning Community. As the first Carte Blanche Digital School of twin city, we have infrastructure to cater to it's need. Finally at a broader range I advise one and all to let children choose their careers and believe in them.


Everything starts with a Dream, an idea, a concept in mind. Dream can be materialized through the medium of learning, acquiring wisdom, which dispels the darkness of ignorance and doubts. With changing times, education does not merely refer to Academic Excellence but also skill enhancement and value enrichment which lay guidelines to embark on life's journey. Physical and mental development of a child in a comprehensive and congenital environment widens his horizons, infers confidence, boosts morale and catapults an individual to his/ her dream destination.

SSC Curriculum

As per the direction of SSC Board of Telangana we adopted Continuous Comprehensive Education, which involves reflections, understanding, self exploring, abundant discipline and regularity in attendance.

  • Four Formative Assessments are conducted with stress on projects, Skill based assignments, Class activities and slip tests.
  • Two Summative Assessments unleash the competency, awareness and creativity of youngsters.
  • Curriculum is designed to nurture child’s individuality, mental and physical development and is also community centric. Laboratory activities, experimental learning, peer group discussions, pave way for Comprehensive Learning of Concepts.
  • Curriculum in English facilitates and encourages children to do individual and group work to transform autonomous users of language. It aims to acquire Basic Proficiency, Spontaneity, Construct discourses, narratives, description, essays, conversations, diary, plays, script, profile writing, posters, choreography, letters, slogans etc. Measures are taken to help learners get familiarized with different genres. Learning Language is a continuous process. Same is applicable for I and II Languages.
  • Mathematics provides logical proofs of theorem; Curriculum Frame work has been elaborated to lay down the academic standards, attempts to concretize sentiments, visualization, engaging, exploring, emphasis on group, individual and collective activity.
  • Physical and Biological Sciences curriculum is designed with suitable Pedagogy in tune with CEE, understanding of Natures principles. Children possess Cognitive Capacity of Comprehending. A syllabus quenches sharp thinking to definite connection with lab and field. Curriculum is as per guidelines of Right to Education Act, adopts Scientific methods to bring grace root changes in academic standards.
  • Social Sciences curriculum requires analysis, field trips, awareness of community services etc. Children are exposed to momentous changes in the World and develop deep thinking of ideas like Secularism, Fascism, Nationalism, Liberalism etc. They benefit extensively from cardinal maps, newspaper clippings, Illustrations etc.
  • In Conclusion, it can be said SSC Curriculum is deeply subject oriented, which enables students to cope up with professional studies like IIT, Engineering, Medicine, IAS, IPS, JPMER etc.

Life at OGS