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Overview of SSC Wing at Oxford Grammar School

At Oxford Grammar School, the SSC Wing goes beyond the traditional realms of education, viewing learning as the catalyst for shaping dreams and igniting innovative concepts. It believes that education is not confined to textbooks but is a holistic experience that encompasses skill development, values, and a congenial environment. In line with the evolving landscape of education, our SSC curriculum is designed to provide academic excellence while nurturing the physical and mental development of students. We strive to create confident individuals ready to embark on their unique journey towards achieving their dreams.

As the first Carte Blanche Digital School in the twin city, we have embraced technology to create a Connected Learning Community. Our mission is to channelize and expose students to constructive activities, fostering a conducive atmosphere that propels them towards their goals. In the SSC wing, we focus on academic standards, conceptual understanding, and the development of skills, fostering autonomy in language use, and bringing subjects like Physical and Biological Sciences and Social Studies to life through live experiments and group activities.

Message from Principal Desk - Mrs. Fahmeeda

In the dynamic and digital age of education, I am delighted to welcome you to the SSC Wing of Oxford Grammar School. At OGS, we believe in providing more than just academic prowess. Our focus is on creating a comprehensive and congenial environment that enhances skills, enriches values, and guides students on a thrilling journey through life. As the principal, I encourage an atmosphere that avoids authoritative parenting and comparisons, recognizing that they do more harm than good. Together, let's guide our children towards choosing their careers, instilling in them simplicity, transparency, a broader outlook, secular values, and the pursuit of excellence. Remember, at OGS, students come in to learn, and they go out to serve.

Classes (1 to 10)

At the SSC wing of Oxford Grammar School, we offer classes from 1 to 10, providing a well-rounded education that focuses on academic excellence, skill development, and values.

Student Life

Our student life at the SSC wing revolves around holistic development. From soft skills development to engaging in recreation and sports, and embarking on educational tours and adventures, we strive to create an enriching and fulfilling experience for every student.

Awards & Achievements

Celebrating excellence is a tradition at Oxford Grammar School's SSC wing. Our students have garnered numerous awards and achievements, showcasing their talents, dedication, and commitment to academic and extracurricular pursuits.

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